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Hey guys,

I'm just piecing together my build right now, and I went with a Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced mini ITX case.

I had originally planned on using a liquid cooler for the CPU as I wanted to overclock, and I figured space would be too tight in the case with a normal cpu cooler. Unfortunately, the case is very, very tight on space, and there is no place on the case to mount the radiator and fan. The stock fan heatsink for the 3570k did fit, though.

My main concern is that the case only has two fans. One is situated at the front of the case to blow air over the HDD area, and then one small one in the back that is about half covered by the side of my motherboard. Am I going to have serious heating problems with all of these parts crammed in such a tiny case?

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  1. You should be fine but overclocking is not something I'd consider.

    This might be able to fit
  2. You should also consider mounting the radiator on the outside of the case. It's not pretty, but it's a viable solution for SFF cases - I have a Bitfenix Prodigy (Slightly larger than yours, but crammed with more stuff), and my 240mm rad is mounted on the top of the case, with fans mounted normally underneath, I have a 140mm rad mounted on the back, and the reservoir is a long fellow slung underneath the case. (Since it has a good 2 inches ground clearance.)
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