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Hey guys, I'm buying an AMD Radeon HD 7750 and I was just wondering if you could give me an idea of how it should perform with my setup (Game-Wise). I'm not expecting to be playing Battliefield 3 in max graphics or anything like that but I'd love to know how my computer will perform when I get this graphics card :D

Specific card I plan to get -

Here's my current Setup
Processor - AMD A8-3870K APU (3.0GHz, 4 Cores) & AMD Radeon™ HD 6550D Graphics
Motherboard - ASUS® F1A75-M: FM1 A-SERIES, SATA 6.0GB/s, USB 3.0
Current card (Will be getting rid of this or selling it as people have told me my new card won't work with it at the same time)

So basically, How will my system perform with the new card? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Probably gonna be ok, but if you can, spend $50 more and get the HD 7850. It will blow the 7750 out of the water for not a lot more money.
  2. I bought the 7770 today and I'm gonna c how it fares ( got a new PSU as well...again )

    I havent got a good CPU, only the old Phenom x3 with a RAM on 4gigs. Im gonna buy additional 8 gigs and a new FX-processor + motherboard of course...but all in due time. I'll report back l8er if I remember how the card goes
  3. oh sorry though it said 7770, but appearantly it was the 7750...
  4. OP, what resolution are you playing at? If you're playing at 1080p, you will definitely have to turn down settings. Having said that, you'll find that the 7750 is quite a capable GPU for the price. It also OCs fairly well.

    BTW, the card you linked will be good. Most people fall into the trap of getting the cheapest 7750 they see not knowing that vendors tend to use DDR3 memory on those cheap ones to keep the cost down which causes the GPU to lose about 20-25% of its peformance.

    P.S.: If you can push your budget a small bit you should get a 7770, I found this one which is only around 15 pounds more than the one you linked but you will get a pretty big performance gain:
    See comparison between the 2 cards here:
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