GFX Card/Windows 8 issue

Hi all

I was previously using Windows 7 with my Radeon HD 5850 and was able to run all the latest games without issue.

I upgraded to Windows 8 and I would experience crashes where my computer would freeze. A re-boot would not help, the PC kept turning itself on and off without even loading up the windows 8 splash screen. Occasionally my monitor would tell me no HDMI 1 signal was found. I opened up the tower unplugged the gfx card, took it out and placed it back in and that would resolve the problem for a period of time. I assumed this may have been a driver issue and updated them with the latest Windows 8 one from AMD. Still the problem persisted.

I bought a Saphire HD 7770 to replace the 5850 (as it needed upgrading anyway) and this appeared to initially resolve the issue. However after a few days the same thing started to happen. Again if I remove the card and then put it back the PC starts up as normal., for a period of time.

I'm now wondering if perhaps it is the motherboard and not the gfx card. My motherboard is fairly old (Gigabyte GA P31-ds3l), but I'm not sure. I have updated the drivers on my motherboard (the latest update being 2010).

Anyone have any ideas???

PS I don't think it's my power unit as I have a blue storm II 500 and that worked fine prior to installing Windows 8

Much appreciated
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  1. First, do you use anti-virus? If not, load one (like MSE) immediately, update it, and do a full scan. Also download MalwareBytes (free), update it, and run a full scan.

    If those show up clean then let us know more details about your rig and the crashes. Give full specs.

    I would suspect the power supply before the motherboard. Johnnyguru was only mildly impressed:
  2. Yeah I run Avast anti virus full edition

    The rig was fine with all the same spec for at least 18 months until I upgraded to Windows 8 so unless it is a crazy coincidence then I wouldn't have thought it was the power supply. the new graphics card I think is also less hungry than the old one (only requires one power input thingy whereas my old one needed two).

    Will run Avast on a full scan but don't know if the machine will stay on long enough for a full scan to complete.

    Kind of frustrating really as I can't pinpoint the exact problem.
  3. Update

    I discovered as a result of updating from Windows 7 to 8 that I had forgotten to reinstall Avast.

    I re-installed it and ran a scan that discovered the Karagany Trojan. I was wondering would this cause the symptoms in my original post.

    Avast placed the trojan into its virus chest, and I didnt experience a crash for a couple of days so I assumed that was the issue, however it has since happened again. I'm doing another full scan as we speak.

    Today for a period I couldn't get the PC to boot at all, despite switching the graphics cards (which solved the problem temporarily before). After a few hours and swapping cards the PC started up.

    Yesterday I played Battlefield 3 multiplayer for a full day with no issues at all, so I'm still struggling to pinpoint the problem.

    I did have a couple of crashes a few days ago with an error which was something like (didnt have time to write it down) greater than or less equal to.... which I think means a driver issue, and as I say I've updated the gfx drivers and catalyst software.

    Appreciate the info I've provided is scattergun but any other ideas?

    As I say this has only happened since upgrading to Windows 8. I had no problems prior.

  4. Yes, viruses can cause symptoms like you described, also malware. Did you run Malwarebytes? It's a good addition to anti-virus.

    That period when the computer didn't boot suggests a power supply problem. If all your drivers are up-to-date I would troubleshoot that next. Disconnect everything you don't really need that uses power (DVD, extra hard drives, etc.) and try it some more. Did that solve it? Or borrow a friends good quality PSU and try it out for a while.
  5. Ran a full scan with both Avast and Malwarebytes and now clear of any virus/malware.

    Although the computer didn't load windows 8, it was on, the PSU fan, case fans, and gfx cards fans were whirring around and the lights were on. It just kept ticking over and over (restarting) without ever displaying anything on screen and without making the beep noise it initially makes when booting.

    Now I have got rid of the Karagany trojan completely I'll see how I fare. I dont really have anyone to borrow a PSU from (everyones machines I know are really low spec family type machines), and I'm loathe to buy a new one just yet, as I've already bought a new gfx card as I thought that was initially the problem.

    If it happens again will remove the optical drive (dont have a spare internal hard drive) and see if that lowers any power consumption.
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