Far cry 3 benchmarks are out.

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  1. Anyone got this game yet?
  2. Thanks for the links man :)

    Didn't buy it yet, what about you?
  3. i got it now. i can run battlefield 3 on ultra with reasonable fps but i can run this game on ultra smoothly
  4. Ok i got the game.Updated it with latest patch then isntalled nvidia latest driver.I have gtx 670.Res is 1600-900.

    Getting constant 60FPS with MSAA off and AO set to HBAO instead of HDAO.Everyhting else ultra.Beautiful game.True next gen stuff.Also you dont need AA in this game.Since its a forest game.And this game uses some special AA for grass.Played for 1 and half hours.So not sure if gonna face more demanding areas later on.
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