Win7 32bit on Drive "C:" and Win7 64bit on Drive "D:"

I bought Win7/32bit Ultimate and Win7/64 bit Ultimate in one package (only one product key for both).
Installed Win7 32bit on my drive C: and have WinXP running on Drive D:
I would like to replace WinXP (Drive D:) with Win7/64bit, using the same product key.. is that possible?
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  1. Why would you need 2 Win 7 installs. Just re-install the Win 7 on the C: drive and wipe the XP from D:. Unless you have other reasons for using D: for a new install.
  2. I believe that's possible but I've never tried it. If you don't mind me asking why would you want to do that?
  3. Agreed. There's no point in running two versions of the same OS. Besides, if you really do need XP, you can always install the XP mode for Windows 7. It won't do games, but will handle older programs.
  4. It especially doesn't make sense since ultimate has xp mode. 64bit can run 32bit software with no issues, and then you have xp mode so you can run anything older.
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