Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 Blue screen.

Hey everyone,

This is my first post on this forum, even tho I've been a lot of times around here, I always found an answer for my problems. But this time I am hopless.

I recently installed a new graphic card as you can tell from the title, and in all games I get "Display driver stopped working" errors and in Battlefield 3 I get always a blue screen after 2-3min into the game.

I got an older system and I believe my other components are too weak for the card, but I'd like someone to explain me what is going on.

My current specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 clocked to 3,8ghz
Motherboard Asus P5Q Pro
Radeon HD 7750 1GB DDR5
RAM Kingston HyperX 1066mghz
PSU Thermaltake 550W

Win 7 64bit

To resume, I installed the latest drivers and even uninstalled the card several times and installed it back in. I got the latest BIOS version and everything else on my PC is just in excellent shape, with the latest drivers for everything and updates.

The blue screen message says if you installed any new hardware recently then remove it and reinstall it. Check BIOS and disable bios cache options. However I never found a bios cache option there. Recently my LAN port on the motherboard died so I installed an PCI Ethernet card. Could it have to do something with it? Is my power supply to weak, even if it shouldnt be, the card uses only 50watts.

I am desperate, does anyone know the answer to this? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Are you able to test the card in a completely different system? If yes, try that and see how it fairs. If you still get the same results you'll know it's a faulty card.
  2. Unfortunately no, well at least not so soon. Does my voltage settings play a roll in this maby? Is it bad if my RAM is DDR2 and the card is DDR5?
  3. Remove the overclock on your cpu to make sure that isn't causing instability. Use GPU-Z to monitor the temperature of the card. Leave the card's clocks/voltages at default. Did you fully remove the old drivers before installing the new card and new drivers?

    Like rene13cross said, it's preferable to test the new card in another system to rule out a bad card. What was your previous graphics card? Can you reinstall your old graphics card and see if the system remains stable? And no, your system ram being ddr2 isn't a problem for your GPU unless you have a stick that is failing.
  4. Hey larkspur thanks for your reply. Lets start.

    - I removed the overclock and I still get a blue screen in games.
    - Temperatures are all normal shown in gpu-z as well as cpu temperatures.
    - Yes I did fully remove the old drivers, by uninstalling them through Add/Remove programs, by manually deleting the folders on my C disk, and by manually deleting left registry keys. Then I ran driver sweeper for a final check and he did not find any more drivers.
    - I just came back from a friend, we tested the card and it runs without problems on his PC.
    - My previous graphic card was also a Radeon, HD 4650. I sold it already so I can't test my system with my old card again.

    To add, after I installed the new card, my LAN port on my motherboard just stopped working. No flashing light at the port and not even listed in the device manager. I had to buy a PCI ethernet card to get it working. After following 1 million solutions it still did not work so I believe it is really fried. Maybe this has something to do with the blue screen as well?

    Any more ideas and suggestions are welcome, thanks for your help and time guys!
  5. Your LAN port dying is ominous certainly. I didn't realize it happened after the install of the new card. Since it works fine in your friend's machine, I think your mobo may be on the edge. After your LAN port croaked, did you try clearing your CMOS? I've seen devices drop off and disappear completely even after full power-down but then return normally after clearing cmos. You could also try installing the card in your 2nd PCIe slot though it's not the recommended slot for a single card setup.
  6. Woah-woah-woah. Guys, he bought this card as an upgrade.

    @OP, what was your previous card? Was it an NVidia?

    If it was, what is happening is that your card, AMD, is incompatible with the drivers, NVidia.

    What you need to do, is uninstall the NVidia drives, then install the latest AMD drivers.
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