Is SLI worth it for high res. gaming?

Hello Tom World,

I am wanting to upgrade my monitor mainly for higher higher resolution and larger screen, 27 inch.

I am wondering, would SLI be the way to go or would getting something like the 7970 be just fine?

I want to have good frame rates at the higher resolution as well, was thinking 670 SLI... or even waiting until next gen, but bottom line, should I SLI or Crossfire for higher resolution gaming?

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  1. I wouldn't unless you have a 30" 2560x1600 resolution. About a year ago i purchased t 570's and sli'd them for BF3 and i wasn't happy with how they worked. I eventually pulled one out and used it on another system. I didn't like it and should have saved my money. But thats my experience
  2. What resolution are we talking? 2560x1440? One 7970 should suffice in most games. If you find it isn't enough you will have to crossfire.
  3. 2560x1440 most likely... What was your problem with SLI'ing fly?
  4. What resolution are you talking about? If it's just 1080p, you'll be fine with just one. If it's a 1440p monitor (2560x1440) then SLI/CF might be an option although multi-GPU configs introduce a lot of potential headaches so I would recommend getting the monitor first and trying only one graphics card first. If you are still stuck for performance you can always buy a second graphics card at a later stage.
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