Asus HD 7770: bars around screen

well i just installed my asus hd 7770, and when it boots up on my monitor, theres black bars around the window. like where the video is, there r black bars around it, it doesnt fit the whole screen
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    go to the AMD catalyst control center and change the overscan so it fills the monitor.

    once in Catalyst Control Center, use the usual “My Digital Flat Panels” tab, “Scaling Options – Digital Flat Panel”, and slide the Underscan 15% – Overscan 0% selection to the far right, to Overscan 0%.

    Click Apply.
  2. Have you installed the driver and set the resolution to the monitors native resolution?
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  4. i love u derza10, apprantly im not that good w tech
  5. NP happy to help!
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