560ti vs 650ti vs Radeon 6950

First of all, i am brand new to the forum so hopefully I'm posting this in the correct place. I am in the process of building my first pc and have everything except my gpu. I have been researching and debating for over a month so i would really like others input on this. Right now I'm not playing anything too demanding...mainly Diablo 3 and Assassin's Creed...but i want a card that will be able to handle pretty much anything since i don't want to have to update in a few months just bc i decided to play something like bf3. My build is:

Phenom ii 965 3.4ghz
Kingston HyperX blue 8gb 1600 DDR3
Asus m5a99x Evo
Corsair 650tx
500gb Western Digital Caviar Blue
Corsair 500r case
Hyper 212 plus
Asus ve228h monitor

All of the cards I've been looking at are the 2gb versions but if 1gb will suffice i am open to that. My number one concern, besides my cpu being able to handle these cards well, is i don't want to run into any overheating problems and that's been my main issue with the gtx cards. I've read a lot about them running too hot at times despite how well they may perform. Also I'm curious which one of these cards will consume less power or if they're pretty much the same. Like i said, this is my first build so I'm still learning a lot, any advice or help anyone can give me i would really appreciate!
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  1. the 560ti and 6950 will relatively play around the same levelish, but both will be hotter than the newer 650ti(which isnt that great, closer to a 560 rather than a 560 ti). If you are worried about power consumption and temperature, look into the 7850 in this price range.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply! I looked at the Sapphire 7850 but read a few posts that it may be a little too much for the phenom 965. Do you think it will run pretty good with this cpu compared to the other cards?
  3. the 7850 is only a nudge better the 560ti/6950(but can overclock more) the 965 is more than enough to power a 7850
  4. That's good to know..do you recommend the 1gb or 2gb 7850? I'm pretty sure i will be going with sapphire brand if this is the card i choose.
  5. If you can afford it, get a 2GB 7850. If not, the 1GB version is fine too.
    The 1GB & 2GB versions perform the same at 1080p but the 2GB card is slightly more futureproof (is that's even possible).
  6. when it comes to gpu choice, i'd just avoid ones that look like reference cards. they all should only slightly vary from one another, the 7850 is a moderately efficient card, and doesnt require a lot of keep them in low temperatures.

    as for the 1gb vs 2gb issue, it really depends. ideally 2gb is better for those who want to never run into the vram cap in very few select games(a large BF3 match or skyrim that is moded, additional games can be added in the later future possibly) and is a better candidate for crossfire. but the 1gb and 2gb models perform exactly the same outside of these vram capped games.
  7. Thank u! I think I'm going with the 2gb just to be safe, newegg actually has it as an open box for only 170 which ends up being cheaper then the 1gb version. Thanks again!
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