PLS help building computer?

Hello everyone :)

I've had enough of playing my games on the low graphics setting and I want something new after 5 years stuck with it. So I am going to custom build a computer. However I dont really know what I am doing.

My price range is £750-£800 ($1250-$1350)
Proffered processor: Intel 5
Graphics card: 2GB
Hard drive space: dont really know how much i need (maybe 1 tb)

Please help,
Could someone show me the optimum PcSpecialist build bit by bit for the price range. I know I ask of a lot so I will be grateful to anyone who replies to this.
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  1. Nvidia or AMD for graphics?
    Are you going to OC the CPU/GPU?
    What resolution do you play games?
  2. I dont really mind what graphics card, whatever is best for the money to be honest. And I don't know anything about computers and don't know what "OC" or "CPU/GPU" mean (sorry). I am forced to play desktop resolution on most games.
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