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Battlefield 3 Suggested Graphics Settings ASUS HD7700?

Hi, here is my PC config :

AMD FX-8150
12G RAM 1600Mhz DDR3

I just bought battlefield 3, and would like to know the best suggested video settings for smooth and beautifull gameplay.

'Smooth' for me is very important.

Thank you !!

PS, side question : I am considering buying a 7870 if you think it will allow me to play BF3 at ULTRA settings flawlessly.

Thanks !
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  1. yes it will allow u to play BF3 in Ultra settings.
    and by Flawlessly do u mean 30FPS or 60 FPS??
  2. 60.. :)
  3. You might be able to hit 30 on ultra, but I think that 60 is impossible with your 7770.

    If you have a 7870 I think that you'll get 40-60 maxed out.
  4. ive got my eyes on a SAPPHIRE 100351SR HD 7970........ but if you say id max out on ULTRA with a 7870, maybe I could save a few $$$ ???

    What do you think... Would it be worth spending an extra 200$ ?
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    ^don't be an idiot and quote spam...

    @OP, the 7770 should do medium with no AA.

    heres what you need for ultra.
  6. 7870 can handle ultra flawlessly on Ultra. The 7770 should be able to do high settings with FXAA and SSAO.
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