Confused with asus gtx 560 ti !!


what is bottleneck ?

i'm gonna get a asus gtx 560 ti and use it with i3-540 stock speed, will there any performance issue.

and will my psu (Seasonic 520 Watts) be enough to handle it and my pc.
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  1. your psu will handle the game fine
    and your cpu is not that bad,
    it might be a bottleneck in some games(very few) but the problem is that people have a very wrong concept of bottlenck in their minds,
    to think of it the simplest way is that your gaming performance is like an avg. between your Cpu and Gpu with more focus on the Gpu.
    and also it depends on the games u want to play??
  2. so its okay to get a Asus GTX 560 Ti.... for my rig. or any other like 550 Ti.
  3. Get the 560ti and then overclock your CPU.
  4. okay, will 3.68 GHz enough.
  5. Just a tip:
    You should download RealTemp after you overclock your CPU just to see how hot it gets. Prime95 is a good tool when it comes to pushing your CPU a bit to get a view on how stable your OC is (and run RealTemp in the meanwhile)
  6. 560 ti is a old card, and what is your budget??
    if it is sub 200 then the 7850 and if it is a little above 200 then the 7870(FOR SURE)
    and be careful while overclocking!!!
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