Picture quality looks awful

So yeah I just bought a new Television and the picture quality is absolutely horrendous. It's a Samsung LED TV 22" @1080p.

The picture quality is extremely poor, and I am wondering if it is because I am using the HDMI port on my 660Ti instead of the DVI? Either way, it looks awful, and I can't stress that enough.

The picture quality on my old 19" Dell Ultrasharp LCD Monitor was infinitely better then this screen and now I don't know what to do.

Can anyone help me out with this?

Also, I'm a little worried it's actually the Television itself because when I plug my xbox 360 in to it, it still looks pretty bad on 1080p, and even when I switch it down to 720p. The only thing is that the picture quality on the xbox 360 is actually better then what I am getting when I plug my computer into the tv.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Oh yeah also, all of the text on my screen looks jagged and just out of place. Some lines are like bold and others are really thin. Web browser, textpad, in games, etc... I went into the Adjust Clear-Type Text thing in windows but it did nothing to help.
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  1. HDMI and DVI are the same ...except HDMI carries an audio signal....so there wouldnt be any difference picture wise...........and are you sure the output from your pc is set at 1920x1080...........
  2. Yeah I figured...

    The picture quality is also really grainy too. I'm starting to think I might just return this TV. It's really doing nothing for me. I don't understand how the picture quality could really be this bad.
  3. I put back my Dell monitor and I am returning the Samsung tomorrow morning. Quality is ten times better on this screen lolol.
  4. just out of curiosity - what is the model number of the Samsung?
  5. Lots of smaller TV's do not look that great.

    While HDMI and DVI are more or less the same(newer HDMI uses a MUCH higher clock speed to make up for lack of dual link, has network support and all kinds of fun stuff). TV's/video cards may over/underscan scan the image making it look pretty strange.

    To add to this, TV's tend to have built in enhancements to make TV stuff look better. This is not always good for use as a monitor.

    What screen was it btw.

    My SyncMaster 245T(It is a PC screen with some tv inputs. Its a great screen, but a BAD tv.) look FAR better over DVI then HDMI because it over scans and the video card has to under scan to make things fit.
  6. I'm actually not sure which TV it was because I just returned it and never looked back. Unfortunately, because I paid for it online and picked it up at my local store, they couldn't give me a refund, so I had to accept the full store credit. Which is better then nothing because I will ultimately wind up buying a TV later on for just a TV, and not a monitor.

    I was looking at all of their LED and LCD TV's and to me, the LCD's just look so much smoother and the details just pop more. I don't know why. Maybe it's just my eyes, but the details suck on the smaller LED TV's.
  7. perhaps understanding the difference between the two formats would paint a clearer picture for you - Light Emitting Diode compared to Liquid Crystal Display
    LED - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LED-backlit_LCD_television
    LCD - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:LCD_layers.svg
  8. To be honest, It actually seems that lots of the older CCFL lit screens had "better" color. Maybe to due with the range of light that comes out of those. All the screens are just LCD anyway, its just a different way to light it(low power/no mercury or high voltage converters needed for LED).

    I would have expected that in the 4-5 years that I had my screen that things would have improves by a huge margin(after all, these things don't last for ever). All other things have got much better, yet new screens have worse dark color reproduction and a much lower adobe color coverage(60-70% at best on many).

    On the plus side. Many cheap TN panels are MUCH better then they used to be. I was hoping full local dimming would have at least been on pc screens.

    I picked up an Asus e-IPS(forget the exact model, but it was not that cheap) display with tons of glow. So bad you can see it in a fully lit room and almost no ability to show dark colors. The SPVA screen is at 26% brightness and the Asus was at MAX because it was that bad at dark colors. The camera actually shows MORE then my eye can see on both screens, but the Asus was just very bad at dark colors all becoming on color. Dynamic Contrast os OFF on both screen. The game mode on the Asus could help, but it made ALL colors band.

    Images. I know they are not that great, but gets the point across

    I always bring a laptop monitor shopping to try to find something that meets all my needs.

    Sorry for the rant.
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