First Boot: Fans and CD drive work, but tv/monitor says "no signal"

I just finished my first computer, a gaming build with the following pieces,
Asrock 970DE3/U3S3 motherboard
XFX 7870 gpu
Amd fx6300 cpu
Antec 300 case
Corsair xms3 ddr3 1333 ram
Corsair 600w power supply
Dvd drive
Hard drive
Hyper 212 evo cpucooler
led tv as a monitor.

I am using an led tv as a monitor, plugged in to my video card with an HDMI cable. I click the power button, turn on the tv to the correct soure (hdmi 1), and all fans whirr up. I test the CD drive, it extends, retracts, works fine, but tue tv screen says "no signal".
Stranger yet, the power and reset switch seem not to function, so I am left to turn of the power supply's switch.
I am afraid that either I have damaged my CPU, Ram, or vido card in the light jostling it took to get the hyper 212 cooler in and out multiple times because of diffculties.
Is xms3 ram compatible with my Cpu?
Thanks A lot!
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  1. Make sure all the cables are fitted as they should, and that your GPU is installed correctly.
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