Windows 2000 won't shut down or power off

When shutting down windows 2000, my computer seems to be shutting down but then stops with a blank screen. The power will not shut off and I must hit the reset button then the power button (or hold the power button for 10sec) to shut the computer off.

Before this problem started my computer would power off automatically at shutdown. I can't figure out what happened.

Any suggestions on troubleshooting would be appreciated.

My system:
1.4 Athlon
2x256 MB Crucial registered ECC DDR
Gainward GF3
SB Audigy
Antec 830sx Case
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  1. I have this problem too. It's a software issue since I triple boot 98, 2K Pro, & 2K server. 2K Pro (SP2) is my main OS and it's the one hosing-up. Unfortunately I didn't catch exactly when it started happening so I don't know what driver/patch/service/app is causing it.

    I've done a little troubleshooting but haven't pinned it down yet. I'd rather not rip out everything to find out what the deal is, so please post if you find a solution!

    I'm also running an IBM 60 GXP (w/o RAID.) The only other close hardware match I have is an SB Live!


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  2. I actually also had a sb live card before upgrading to audigy partly because I thought that may have been the problem.
  3. Have you tried putting in a new NTLDR file?

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  4. Quote:
    Have you tried putting in a new NTLDR file? in replacing it with an original using Recovery Console?

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  5. Yes.

    <A HREF=";EN-US;q229716" target="_new">Description of the Windows Recovery Console</A>

    Or by repairing the installation with an Emergency Repair Disk. You can make one of those from Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Backup. That will also replace the NTLDR file, but it will also force you to reinstall updated drivers, patches, and fixes for the OS. However, sometimes using the disk is the easiest route for a quick fix if several things are wrong.


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  6. If you have the original Windows 2000 disk, just boot from the disk and run windows fast repair. It will detect and fix any problems in your NTLDR, registry and crucial windows components.
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