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Hi, so as the title says, all I get when I try to turn on my computer is a black screen. However, the fans start working. The computer ran fine for about 20 days, and then one day I look away from it and I look back and there is nothing on the screen. I thought it was the motherboard (its not the power supply or the ram), so I returned it. The new one just arrived and it has been installed, but the damm thing still wont turn on. But those fans are still running. Do you guys have any idea whats going wrong?
Here is my build:
MSI A55M-E33
4GB of ram (cant remember exactly what)
Corsair CX430
Western Digital 250 GB hdd
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  1. have you tried another monitor?

    how do you connect to the monitor you have?
  2. I havent tried another monitor, but I tried the monitor with another computer and it worked. I connect it through a typical connector, have no clue what its called. Its the one with the screws on the sides. All it says in the motherboard description is d-sub, if that makes any sense to you.
  3. Do you get any kind of signal, like the bios splash screen? If yes, your video drivers are probably the case.
  4. I dont get anything on the monitor. However, I also dont get the "check the input" message that it gives me when its disconnected from any computer.
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