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Different versions of the same card

on newegg, there are some hd7850's at $170 ( and some at $235 ( whats the difference? only dif i see is the core clock, and they would be easy enough to oc at home anyway. i know that the ASUS one has some software for OC in windows, do the cheaper cards have that? thanks
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  1. The Asus also has 2 GB of ram. If you are running at 1080 or above, it would make sense to get the 2GB model.
  2. Its not all about oc from factory but also the custom cooling system, which in the asus is much better you'll be able to oc further and with less heat/noise.
    As for the 1GB or 2GB versions in my opinion no difference at all in performance @1080p, only on above resolutions, then again if you play @1440p with a 7850 your gonna get low fps.
  3. well i just got a new low latency 900x1600 screen, and dont care for ocing all that much. ill save 50 bucks.

    Anyone know if the cheeper one has the OC in windows program? or should i find an asus with 1gb of mem? thanks.
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    Cheaper no, only after rebates this one :

    Since you have that resolution the 1GB will be fine and about the oc just download latter on the msi afterburner, it can oc every single card and any brand plus it's very easy.
  5. thanks all.
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