Need help choosing graphic card for my friends system

Hes running an AM3 socket (938) I believe with a Phenom 2 x2 2.8ghz (forgot the processor model) with an ATI 4350 (no fan, passive cooling), 6gb ddr2, and some generic pos psu.

Computer plays games like LoL, CSS, and other not so demanding games prettyy well, but my friend wants to play guild wars, final fantasy the new MMORPG. i know with his current system he won't be able to play those games @ 1400x900 @ high settings.

First thing I upgraded for him was an Antec 500watt basiq psu. So i would like to find a card that is compatible with that psu. Budget ranging from 100 bucks or less new or used. i found an used gtx 295 for $90..what do you guys think.? Also how is the GT640 compare to it, as that is pretty cheap card brand new.
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  1. Depending on the power take of the computer as a whole, since the GTX 295, although being a rather capable card, is very power hungry and may not run well on that 500w PSU, adding to that, the GTX 295 doesn't have DX11 which will limit it quite a bit.

    It may be an option to get a newer card like a Radeon 6870, 6850, or the newest cards with the new drivers, like a 7770, or even a 7870 or 7850, those cards do jump a little out of the budget, but they'd work very nicely, since the 4350 (Coincidentally I have the same) is an abysmal card.
    The GT 640 is not nearly as power hungry, but nor is it as powerful, and may not be able to run high settings on newer games.

    Although off topic, it may be an idea to get a new CPU, a Phenom II x4 would be a very large help for games, so an idea would be a 925/955/965.
    To keep near the budget I'd consider the 7750, which doesn't take advantage of the PSU, in which case the 7770 might be quite nice to have.
  2. wow thank you very much^^^
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