Help: Monitor Freezing/Screen Tearing (GTX 560)

I acquired a refurbished GTX 560 recently, hooked it up, everythings good. Until this:

This started happening ONLY after I installed the drivers and it doesn't matter which drivers too. I installed the most recent, 1/2 a year ago ones and even 1 year old drivers and they still all make my screen do this. Eventually I removed the drivers and it'd stop tearing but then I can't use the GPU.

I think it might have to do with screen refresh rates. Any help/advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Rig: AMD Phenom x4 Black Edition 3.2 Ghz
EVGA SuperClocked GTX 560
12 GB on RAM

Monitor is @ 60Hz
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  1. did you try that card in another system ?
  2. No, can't. My computer is the most modern in the household. Also, forgot to add I'm using a DVI to HDMI connection between the monitor and GPU. HDMI in monitor and the other end goes through a converter to the GPU's DVI port.
  3. the other thing you could try is dvi to dvi on the monitor and if there is another in the system you got in the home that could connect to dvi to the hdmi adator to the monitor i would try this
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