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Hello everyone I have a problem I hope you guys can help me with I have a dell dimension desktop that suddenly has a black screen, there's no display on then monitor, I checked the monitor on another pc and it works and the computer also has developed a strange thing it actually starts every time I plug in the power cord to the wall without me pushing the power button on it and wont turn off until I unplug it too, In an attempt to fix it I changed the CMOS battery on it to see if it would do any good but it did not I also checked the memory and cleaned the dust around it and it seems to be fine it gives no beeps or nothing like that. If anyone can help me with some suggestions I will appreciate it, thanks.
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  1. this is a onboard video or a pci-e card also what are the light in the back of the case show in color ?
  2. Well Sadly on this pc I have no lights in the back of the case the only lights I can see is the motherboard light witch is orange and the power button light and that's it.
  3. orange light on the motherbd usually means the power supply is bad. I would borrow another PSU if you can as frequently the motherbd is killed when the original PSU dies.
  4. Hi guy I just wanted to tell you that I tried your suggestion and tried using a new power supply and still the same deal, do you guys think given my sircumstances that replacing the PCI card would do any good remembering also the solid amber light I have in the motherboard? Thanks
  5. even if you replace the pci card is the motherboard is defective you wont get any result,you could try a cmos battery reset if tha does not work start looking for a new motherboard.
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