Monitor goes to sleep on Windows 7 startup

Hello everyone, I hope someone here can help me out with this strange problem I am running into. I just built my first computer build today, & I must say that everything has seemed to go quite smooth. The problem that came up though, is after installing Windows 7 home premium 64bit OEM to my HDD (it went through the whole copying files, expanding files, ect.). Upon restarting itself, it goes to the Windows startup screen & the logo appears normally for a few seconds & then the monitor goes black/goes to sleep. Everything inside the computer is still running at this point I should add. There's no debug code on my motherboard so I'm assuming everything is fine inside. I'm using a HP w2207 monitor with a DVI connection to a ASUS HD4870 GPU. Any input on this strange situation would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

CPU: i5-3570k
MOBO: Asrock Z77 Extreme4
Cooler: Hyper 212+
RAM: Gskill Ripjaws 8gb (2x4) ddr3-1600
PSU: Corsair TX750
HDD: WD Caviar Black 500gb
OS: Windows 7 home premium 64bit
Case: Rosewill Challenger
Monitor: HP w2207
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  1. Try running Linux from a live disk and see if it has the same problems. Then report back.
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