ok to mix pc1600 with pc2100 ?

i've just got an asus a7v266-e mobo + athlon xp 1600+
i haven't bought ram yet :-( so missed out on the cheap wave recently. bugger.
so my *new* system is still in parts boxes!

given the arse-achingly high ram prices at the moment, i'm tempted to get a small stick of pc1600 for now, like 128mb for about £16 (~USD23) rather than the £60 (~USD86) i'd currently pay for 256mb pc2100!!

if i do this and get my pc2100 later, can i mix the two?
is the mobo just gonna run the ram bus @200 mhz instead of 266 like i hope it will? or will it spit the dimms back at me and not run at all?

or is this exercise just a waste of time?

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  1. It'll run at PC1600 speeds, so I recommend that you buy 128MB of PC2100 for now, and add more later.

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  2. RAM is backwards compatible. It will run at the rated speed and also at lower speeds.

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  3. thanks peeps

    i figure i can "waste" $24 on a slow stick now - just as long as pc2100 prices drop by at least $12 then i haven't lost anything - which they are sure to do given a month or two.

    by then i'll prolly want a GB anyway so that'll make me happy :-)
    amateurs logic i s'pose...

  4. the problem is that the chip will htne run at 1050 mhz not the 1400 that it should wich would lead to it being slower then just have a 128 mb stick of pc 2100

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