Minimum GPU to run 3x1080 tv's Power Point

A customer of mine has asked me to build a basic PC, enough to run a Power Point presentation on a triple 1080 LCD TV setup (portait mode so 3240x1920). I have never used PP and am not familiar with its graphics requirements.

The PC will be for playback only and nothing else.

I thank you for your recommendations.
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  1. 5450 amd or 630 gt nvidia.
  2. 630 gt isn't capable of triple screens and I'm not sure if the 5450 is capable of it at those resolutions but I will research. TY.
  3. Sorry it was the 640 gt, not the 630 gt my bad.
    From amd the 5450 supports eyefinity, there is also the 6670 if not available.
  4. one of my friends's play games at that res with 2 GTX580's in SLI

    well a 5870 2GB would work too.
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