Asus Matrix 7970 hdmi and displayport

Hey just a quick question

I'm looking a purchasing the Asus 7970 Matrix platinum.

But before i purchased it, i noticed it did not have an HDMI output

Im currently using my hd 5870 hdmi output for my 42 inch LCD and for audio output. I use the software PowerDvd 12 to watch blu ray movies. This setup works well but since the Matrix does not have HDMI, I not sure if i will be able to connect my 42 inch LCD

The matrix graphics card has the following outputs
1x Single Link DVI
1x Dual Link DVI
1x HDMI via DVI adapter
4x Native Display Port 1.2

The 42 inch LCD does not have a displayport connection

Not sure if the DVI will transmit audio with the HDMI adapter

I came across a displayport to hdmi adapter but I'm not sure if it will transmit my audio and all the other HD features..

PowerDVD only supports digital outputs

So just wondering what would be my best option
Would it be wise to purchase a card with HDMI?
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  1. Audio will be sent over the DVI link with the HDMI adapter. While it's not an official part of the DVI spec, this has been a common feature on video cards for a very long time. You just need to make sure that the SPDIF components of the Catalyst driver package is installed.
  2. Oh thats awesome news!

    So i should get all the bells and whistles with blu ray movies?
  3. does it have to be Asus? you could always go with a different company

    xfx is close

    or sapphire
  4. Well I'm after a card that gives the best performance as well as good overclocking potential.

    I found this on a review for the matrix card, does this answer my question?

    HDMI (with 3D): Support for Deep Color, 7.1 High Bitrate Audio, and 3D Stereoscopic, ensuring the highest quality Blu-ray and video experience possible from your PC.
  5. Well the card is one of the best(especially to overclock), so I would trust the "OFFICIAL ASUS" representative cl-scott and get the matrix.
  6. Thank you guys for the fast help!

    Willb e going the 7970 Matrix :D
  7. I'm thinking of getting this card too. Just one question: Can I connect my 120hz display to the DVI-D and my TV to the DVI-I connector with HDMI adapter and everything should work fine?
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