pls help!my fujitsu HD won't run UDMA100 under XP

I have a umda mode-5 capable fujitsu mpg3409ah-e hardrive with Athlon xp 1600+ and ECS k7s5a motherboard which uses SiS735 chipsets. So basically this is a brand new year 2002 machine with the newest bios. However, I just can't turn on ata100 (not even udma33) of this harddrive under win xp; I've tried everything, update bios, email fujitsu.MS admits that several types of HDs which behave unstability under ata100 are restrained to use PIO mode only so I guess MS has black-listed this type of harddrive so there' no way to turn on udma mode 5. What can I do? PIO is just slow. I've asked many people and they told me fujitsu driver always have been trouble but nobody has actually told me what to do.

P.S. I've already tried to turn on/off s.m.a.r.t. but it makes no difference. My bios can recognize UDMA 100 capability of my HD.


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  1. Try going to device manager then IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers then the properties of the ide channel that the drive u want to run at full speed and go to properties of that then advanced settings then change it to DMA if available. That should work...

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  2. Thanks but what you said is the first thing I tried.
    I've tried it in winme , 98 , and xp pro.
    I've also tried different motherboards, ECS p6bxa+ and ECS K7S5A. Nothing worked. I know this is not supposed to happen and I know MPG3409AH is a quite famouse ATA 100 HD. What I'm thinking now is when I bought this HD the firmware in it is not good. But fujitsu is not publishing its firmware on its website. Where can I find it? Or maybe it's not a firmware problem at all.

    P.S. Is there anyway to "force" an OS to run HD under DMA 100? Like editing the registry or something. Since my HD is ATA 100 compatible and my bios can recognize ATA 100, it should be no problem.

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  3. udma-66 cable installed?
    if u are running an old cable, then it will not allow the hd to run in ata-100.
    ata-66 and ata-100 use the same ide cable...
    40 pins, 80 connector plugs into mobo, grey for slave, and black for primary...
    make sure it is the correct cable! :smile:


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  4. Yes,I'm very positive it's the ATA 66 cable.

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  5. If Microsoft told you that the hard drive could be at fault then hang onto it until they fix the problem (if that will happen, NOT!). Other then that I would get a Maxtor hard drive :wink:

    I don't seem to have that problem on either of my systems running Windows XP with my Maxtor hard drives.
  6. Dude!

    That suxx. GD m$ft. Does Fujitsu have a work around? Can you replace the drivers manually? Have you tried the registry entry in Nt5.1 that 'allows' ATA66?

    You might use a program to benchmark your read speeds, too. But only if you think it's made a difference.

    I've contemplated getting a cheepo data drive too, but I'm having second thoughts...
  7. Thanks guys.
    But recently I've tried it on winme and win98 and on a different motherboard. Still doesn't work. I think it must be the problem of the harddrive itself. Not winxp. Since the bios, OS, cable,motherboard. is fine the only thing left is firmware. Where to get it? It's not on fujitsu website. Only retailers can get it I think. Would someone nice enough please send me the file .

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  8. Actually it might be the problem of the integrated SiS 735 IDE controller. Win xp can only recongnize "SiS IDE controller" and use old MS version of the driver. Where can I get the SiS 735 IDE controller for win xp? It's not on the mobo CD.

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  9. i am using the sis735, and the ide controllers that it installed are fine for me.
    i am using a maxtor d740x drive, and the ECS k7s5a...and it runs in ata-100.
    i dont think that there are any real drivers for the sis735 ide...i think that the ones winxp are the ones that sis suggests...
    maybe firmware is fuxxored?
    but unfortunately, i dont have any idea where to get the firmware...
    so i cant really help you there.


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  10. I had a similar problem recently with an IBM drive -- the solution was to set the jumpers to "Cable select" rather than the usual master/slave configuration. Worked like a charm! You would think that the manual setting would be ok, but it was not -- on an Intel D850MV and XP.
  11. Have you installed any other bus mastering drivers?

    That would cause a conflict.

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  12. I've switched the jumper to "cable detect mode" ;bios can recognize master setting.
    But it's still in PIO under both xp and 98.

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  13. does anyone has MPG3409AH working succesfully under udma100 with K7S5A?

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  14. Ive got the same problem with my 30 gig fujitsu hard drive

    ok the problem is, since i installed windows xp my third hard drive has stopped working,

    my mobo is an Asus a7v with 1 floppy disk connector
    two ata 66 connectors and
    two ata 100 connectors

    1 of the ata 66 connectors is controlling 2 hard drives the other 1 is controlling 2 cd roms and my E drive the ata 100 is on a connection of its own, this is the one that is no longer working.
    it is found in the bios during boot up and is shown in my computer, it just wont let me access it, it tells me that it is not formated, in fact under device manager it it listed as a scsi drive, which it is not.

    i have installed the latest 4 in 1 drivers and the latest promis ata 100 drivers, but still no good.

    i did see some where in windows that is only supports 4 ide devices by default, but it can be made to reconize more, anyone know how.
  15. fujistsu hardrives are always troublesome.
    I've heard they've stopped releasing new HDs.

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