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I just bought a new GTX 660Ti TOP, upgraded from HD6870
I uninstalled ati drivers, plugged in my new card, booted w7, installed nvidia drivers, rebooted and my system now freezes on w7 logo.
Why? What could cause that? It works fine without drivers, but when i install them it allways freezes on that damn logo.. I tried drivers from cd too, but it's the same.
I don't have ANY OC active. But i do have corsair CX600 PSU, although that card requires 550w psu min., i am confused.
Help please.
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  1. will it power up into safe mode?
  2. Yes i does power up.
    As i said it only freezes when the drivers are installed..
    I tried two different versions, but thats not helping.
  3. Should i throw that *** at the wall?
    I tried numerous driver versions(incl. 304), used driver sweeper, the all new Driver fusion and it's still the same. Only thing thats left is reinstall windows, but after reading some other posts i doubt that would help..,3ngnfgngf
  4. Why do i never get any help here?
    I've searched google with every possible keywords i could think of and it seems that i am the only one with problem like this?
    I reinstalled windows few times. Downloaded every possible version of GPU drivers. Plugged card into second PC-E slot(4x) and NOTHING works.
    It's just so absurd that it works without drivers but with it always freezes...
    Maybe card has some defect?
  5. You've done a fresh install of Windows and still cant boot with the drivers loaded then I would exchange the card. It cant be your power supply as both cards draw about the same.
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