Trying to figure out my system a bit

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2P
Video Card: Asus GTX 560
Processor: AMD Phenom IIx3 720 2.80 GHz
Power Supply: Azza 700w Alpha Power Supply

Im not sure if that is enough to evaluate my issue(Please let me know if you need more), But I was trying to find a better processor to match my motherboard.. Or maybe upgrade my motherboard.. But I recently upgraded my video card to the GTX 560 and it seems to run games alot better but im a bit worried my CPU is overworking itself... Since i put the new graphics card in my CPU fan has been going crazy.. Very loud, not when its idle but when playing even less stress heavy games like World of Warcraft and Team Fortress 2. Just trying to figure out a bit more about my system and would appreciate any help that you could give..
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    If you had a much lower performing GPU before, your CPU may have been not working as hard as it is now with the 560. I assume you are able to crank up the graphics a bit more and therefore the CPU would also work harder. A stock CPU fan is going to be somewhat audible on a full load. I really wouldn't sink anymore money into your current motherboard unless you are looking at a motherboard/cpu upgrade to a newer architecture.
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  3. Thanks alot man. So should I buy a new CPU fan maybe? or save for a whole new cpu and motherboard upgrade?
  4. @isaiah77 What is PCIe SLot version in this Motherboard ?
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