Downgrading from gtx460 to 8800gt

I'm about to get a used 8800gt for my second rig tomorrow, and I'd like to try it in my main rig just to make sure it works properly.

Can I just switch the 2 cards around, give 8800gt furmark/3d mark test- ensure its ok, and simply switch it back with gtx 460 again? Im specifically interested in possible driver conflicts. Nvidia site directs me to the same current driver for both 8800gt and gtx460 so I assume they share the driver and will play nicely with my windows 7 64.

Any help much appreciated.
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  1. Yes should work fine.
  2. thank you!
  3. why a 8800gt, its too old! and power hungry
    you can go to dx11 card like gt440 or 640
    its about same performance
  4. if i were buying new, that would be true- albeit slightly impossible since I couldn't get a new 8800gt as its too old.

    Likewise, I cant get gt440 or 640 since there are hardly any used sold, and the ones that are- cost at least 2x more. New ones cost 3x more on a good day :)

    Believe it or not, in my price range and performance needs, 8800gt takes the cake easily and has best power consumption too compared to performance. g92 chip was awesome for its time.

    I intend to only play sc2 occasionally on this 2nd rig, and 8800gt can play it in full hd maxed out - not bad, i think.
  5. Should work, But if your keeping the 8800gt in, I would re install the drivers anyway to make sure the system doesn't have a conflict.

    Also the 8800GT is known to Overheat if its a single slot card, Might wanna take it apart and clean it if its dusty to to make sure you will not have that problem.
  6. Thank you for confirming it. I will only test 8800gt in main rig, if it works as advertized its going straight to my 2nd rig, with fresh windows install and fresh everything really - I'm getting everything "new" for this rig.

    As for overheating- im a kind of a freek there- its a lucky coincidence that im getting 2slot cooler version, i wasnt adamant on it, but since it has- all the better. I like to take the small fan that comes with any GPU, remove it so it wouldnt affect the new airflow and attach a super silent 12cm fan to it with plastic string. It wont win me any beauty awards, but this+ good airflow in my case usually drops temps by 10c+ over default ones while being whisper quiet too.

    The only thing I'm considering now is maybe changing the thermal paste on the GPU. I havent done this on the GPU side, but I imagine its like the CPU variety. I've got Arctic silver ceramique 2. Is it worth it over the generic kind? I'm totally new to thermal pastes and their benefits. I always worried only about the heat sink and the fans.
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