I'm in the process of building a machine, my intention is to slowly purchase parts as I can find good deals for the next few months. So far I've purchased the following:

ASRock Z77 Extreme 3 - $79.99 CND
Patriot Viper 2X4GB DDR3 1600MHZ - $29.99 CND

I noticed that the 560 ti is on sale right now for $139.99 cnd, question is should I jump on this deal or will other video cards come on sale soon ?

I'm planning to use this system for gaming and general use. Not planning on gaming a lot so no need to be able to run everything on high settings. I plan on playing your typical games C.O.D, BF, Far cry...

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  1. Well i have it and i can max out everything :)

    But i think you are on 1080P


    so this would be good.

    If not this is just great


    But temp out of stock ! It went out so fast :p
  2. http://www.ncix.ca/products/?sku=69494&vpn=GV-R785OC-2GD&manufacture=Others&promoid=1030

    From canada, its better than the 560 ti and consumes less power.
    The same link that prototype gave.
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