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I built this computer about 2 years ago and am now having hardware problems with it. I am having difficulty tracking down the exact problem. My setup: ASRock 870 mobo, Phenom II x4, Sapphire 5850, 8gb DDR3 ram, Samsung 1TB drive, OCZ 700w PSU.

The problem I am having is that my computer will randomly restart when I start playing any game that puts stress on my video card. Sometimes I get a blue screen, some times not. If I do, it tells me I have a Page Fault in Non Page Area or that my drivers are bad. I wiped the hard drive thinking I was having hard drive issues and the problem persists. I wiped drivers and re-installed them to no avail. I ran a chkdsk with a repair which has not helped. I moved my video card from its orginal PCI-E slot to the unused one and that has not worked either. Is my video card going bad? Or is my PSU not sending enough power to it?

(also on a side note, my disk drive for whatever reason now will not stay open and I can not access it from My Computer. My Device Manager recognizes the disk drive but when I uninstalled and re-installed it, nothing worked.)
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  1. Try run memtest over night. What are the GPU temps ?
  2. I'd agree with memtest and monitor the temp (HwMonitor can do it). If that doesnt help, test your hard drive by using the tool your manufacturer offers you might have a few corrupted sectors causing this.
  3. What drivers are you using with your 5850? I have a Gigabyte HD5850 (5870 bios) and a Sapphire HD5850, I been getting random reboot problems with the 12.10 drivers and the 12.10 CAP and Windows Explorer Stopped Responding problems. I switch back to the 12.8 drivers and now thinking of going back to the 11.12 drivers. best performing drivers on my rig anyway. but the random reboot wouldn't even give an error or freeze, it would just restart as if I hit the reset button. Temps are in line, doesn't do it for me with the 12.8 so far.
  4. Well u can try the new drivers 12.11 beta 8.

    Try them and report back
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