[Homebuilt] SSD + Normal 2 OS's causing crashes??

Hello :) I'm new here for askign things but have come here many times for answers. I was having issues with my graphics card (570) earlier where it would crash then come back then crash etc. So I went to my local computer store to get it fixed. While it was being fixed I decided to upgrade a few things. I bought a brand new 4gb 680GTX, and 240gb SSD, along with windows 8. I had the fellows at the computer store install it all for me so that I wouldn't screw anything up (yet I know it's really easy). Anyways I brought it home got it running and all. Though all my games were on my old drive, so I thought well I could just go My Computer > F: > Then to any game I want and play it. Well all seemed good but after playing it for awhile (I'd say about an hour) My computer would just crash, and try to restart itself. BY Try I mean, it would make that beep noise or whatever it does at the start of each computer loading but the screen would not come back.

So then I thought well since my two drives are running two different Operating Systems (one being WIndows 8 the other being Windows 7) maybe they are conflicting in some matter. So I moved over my game LoL (which is 100% portable) to my SSD running Windows 8. THough I still got the same problem. Now here's the kicker, I onyl get this problem if I am playing a game that I got off my F: drive. Streaming videos is no problem or even browsing the internet.

I have a few things I am going to try, one of them being disconnecting my 570 (which is just running PhysX). Going to try and do a fresh install of LoL onto my SSD, and disconnect my F: drive. And if that doesn't work I have no idea.

So with all that being said (Sorry for it being extremely long) do you guys at TOm's Hardware have any idea on what could be happening here and possibly a solution? I have no problem with wiping my F: drive and then upgrading it to Windows 8. Though I don't get why it shouldn't just run like a external harddrive now.

My specs are:
GTX 570 + 680
Intel i5
SSD 240gb, normal drive 1T
Coolermaster GX 750W
8gb Ram
Asus Motherboard (P8H67-V I believe)

P.S My temps never go above 60 degrees for anything, they are mostly around 45 degrees.. And that's under full load. (or 98% at least)
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  1. Any ideas here what could causing the issue here?? :S

    I've tried looking at the event log but I have no idea what I am looking at for in there, and the only thing I can see is the error of Kernal-Power.. That's about it.
  2. Little update here, I tried disconnecting my GTX 570 as well as doing a fresh instal of a game (LoL) onto my C: drive (SSD).. PLayed it for awhile but mid game it crashed on me
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