Overclocking EVGA GTX 560 Ti (Newbie)

Hey guys, I'm kind of new to the whole Overclocking scene. I was hoping somebody could help me. Basically, I'm running a 650 Watt Gold PSU and the EVGA GTX 560 Ti as I said in the title. I downloaded MSI Afterburner and I was wondering if somebody has a guide for Overclocking this specific card. I've never overclocked anything before and I don't want to brick anything. I read somewhere that you "just have to play around" with the settings, but doesn't that seem a little risky? If you need anymore specs from me, just ask. Thanks in advance :D
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  1. Well i have it too D:

    So just increase the clock by 5 each time test it with furmark for 15 minutes and see if there is any artifact. If not continue to do it with 10 min break after each test.

    I run 24/7 with 975/2215 and there is no problem at all. Voltage is 1041.

    Temps from 32 idle to 68C on 70% fan .
  2. Can you explain to me what the voltage does, and do you recommend that I just set my settings to your settings? Would that work, or are there other factors involved despite us having the same card. Also, what is Power Limit (%)?
  3. Well my card is already OCed and tends to OC easily. But better do like i said in the first post.

    Up clock slowly by 5-7 each time. If u see artifacts bump the voltage a little till u loose artifacts.

    And be sure to check temps .Dont get past 80 C

    And dont add directly my settings. Cards differ
  4. It is not quite that simple.
    Every piece of silicone is different. What might be stable on one system might not be on another system.
    Take it simple and slow.
    As stated above. Overclock and test.
    Overclock a little more and test.
    Only change one setting at a time.Gpu core clocks 5 to 10 mhz eac time and test.
    When you start getting errors then you raise the voltage slightly and retest
    There is no set and go overclocking.
    The limits of each piece of silicone will be different. Some overclock like crazy and others only overclock a few mhz before errors.
    The most important thing is to make sure it does not overheat.
    When testing always check max temperature.
  5. Is there any limit for the voltage? Can I potentially fry my card?
  6. Yes sure there is.Mine is 1150 Mv. So there are no worries. But do not bump the voltage like crazy. Just by a little maybe 10-15Mv but ONLY when u will see artifacts.


  7. So, those dots are artifacts? Thanks for your help guys!
  8. Yes those are artifatcs :) u can see them even as cracks . But asap u see them bump the voltage 10-15Mv .And ALWAYS check temps
  9. Hi, this is an old..ish thread, but i had some use of this - however - I'm using stock fan on the graphics card and the temp goes up to 42 min 79 max at only 740/1900
    Is'nt that wierd? Anyone know what can cause this?
  10. Well at what % is the speed of the fan ? Ambient temp ?
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