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Hey guys,

Recently I installed an Arctic Accelero Xtreme 3 cooler on my 6970. Currently it isn't overclocked so that isn't an issue. Now, ever since I've had it installed, my dad has been complaining about high pings in Call of Duty 2 after a certain period of time. It comes to an unplayable level and he is forced to leave. I had tested the card with the cooler on BF3 for 2 hours and had no problems. And that's when the heatsinks were not on VRM (Voltage Regulator), only on the VRAM (Video RAM). The heatsinks are now installed on the VRMs yet he is still getting this problem. I haven't had the time to test BF3 so I can't really tell what the problems is. My question is, will a graphics card cause problems with ping when VRM temps get too high? Temps on the GPU seem to be quite normal, 28C at idle and never above 53C at load. Is this a fixable problem by me, is it RMA, or should I just get a new card?

Thank you for your help!
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  1. i would do a ping test to see if it come from your internet provider that trottling to save bandwitch for other user on is service
  2. Graphic card doesn't have anything to do with ping.

    The usual culprits are Lan card, Lan Cable, service provider and location of server that you connecting.
  3. Never mind, thanks for the help guys but I found my issue. I'm using Rogers here in Canada as my ISP and whenever I go above my bandwith limit (250GB), they throttle us. Perks of using canadian ISPs *insert sarcasm here*. So yes, silly of me, to think that the card would affect the ping.
  4. from another canadian get another internet provider but check on the crtc if this is permit
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