Best GPU between 150-200 ??

Looking to upgrade my GPU and have it budgeted for 150-200 give or take. I can read reviews all day on Newegg but prefer to ask you guys seeing as those reviews can be a (1 out of 5) for the dumbest reasons.

*Space is not an issue neither is PSU

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  2. This article will help,3107.html.

    Get HD 7850 if u r cash strapped but if u willing to spend around $220, HD 7870 is a solid card for the price.
  3. I appreciate the input guys, Ill check out those articles/ items
  4. +1 for GTX 660 , if you can shoot for it :)
  5. This may sound seriously noobish but these use standard male to male HDMI cables correct ?
  6. Yes :)
  7. prototype18 said:
    Yes :)

    Thanks !
  8. You'r welcome !
  9. Decided to keep it under 200 and went with the 7850 thanks all!
  10. Your welcome !
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