Ok so I'm planning to order a computer from CyberPower with a budget of 1000 bucks. Lower would be great but it's fine at 1000.

My first build (Intel CPU)

Second (AMD)

How would the performance be on these two for something like Battlefield 3 maxed? Because I would like to run it on maxed along with Far Cry 3 at a stable FPS with no LAGG.

Would it need regular maintenance like the water cooling or something? If so I would stick with air cooling.

Any changes or suggestions would be helpful.
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  1. Are you planning to overclock your CPU? If not, don't both don't bother with the "K" edition, and save yourself $20 -- otherwise seems no glaring issues, but bare in mind the GPU slots on that board are x16/x1/x1 - so if your planning to put a second card in at some point, your gona want a better board

    At 1920 x 1080 with 4xAA and ultra settings - you should see FPS around the 50-60 mark - which is perfect for most people :) - Just be wary if your planning to run resolutions much higher, you may start to have issues
  2. The above refer's to build 1 :P
  3. Just looked at build 2 - go with build one, the i5 is a bit better for what your doing :)
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