How to trace stolen laptop via serial number

My Sony Vaio was stolen and I dont have any tracking software on it. I was told it can be traced using the serial number this is not going to help as the serial number is not digital.... is this correct? If so is there any inbuilt device or software ect: that comes installed when you purchase the laptop? I am desperate to find my laptop as it has personal information stored on it of my partner who recently passed away and non of this is replaceable. I would prefer to find it without using the authorities as i know who this person is i just dont know where this person has stored the laptop. It would be best for the authorities not to be involved for my safety.
Please if there is a way this can be done I would appreciate any help you can give me. It is best I retrieve it myself some how and as soon as possible I really dont want to involve the police.

Thank you :(
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  1. Kiss it goodbye!
  2. Quote:
    Kiss it goodbye!

    We can put man on the moon but there's no way to find my laptop
    I don't believe it. With everything we can do this is something that should
    Be a piece of cake.
  3. You wish! It's gone unless you installed some type of tracking software.

  4. You're lucky in that you seem to know who has it - most stolen laptops disappear for good. Skip the Police and do the job yourself. You may not know where the laptop is but you say you do know where the thief is. Add that up and the answer is there somewhere.

  5. The laptop is lost except for the fact that you think you know who took it. Without gettign the authorities involved, you're on your own.

    Regarding the moon landing. In my hand I hold a Droid phone. More technology in my hand than what they had at the time of the moon landing. Doesn't mean much. :)
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