HIS Radeon HD 7770 Restarts & Crashes

Hey guys, first post here. I really need some help, like desperately. I am posting this in safe mode with networking, thats how desperate. I have just bought a HIS Radeon HD 7770 to replace my crappy old Galaxy GT 520. The card is installed properly, and all the drivers are installed, and any conflicting Nvidia drivers are long gone. However once i installed the Drivers disc that came with the card, i encounter the problem. It will boot, go into windows, and once i reach the desktop it begins to load, and then the screen goes black, and the computer restarts. If it does not do this, it literally freezes, making a strange " rrrrrrrrrrr " noise which scares the heck out of me. I have a 600W Power supply, but i had to get a Molex to 6pin adapter, so i could give power the the card itself, as my power supply had no stock 6 Pin connectors on it. Could this be the problem?. Is this a hardware or power related issue?. The said adapter turns 2 Molex adapters into one six pin VGA one. However the Molex's from my supply are 4 pinned, and the adapter is 3. Could that be an issue as well?. The issue does not occur in safe mode, and also when the card was first installed and windows " Found and installed drivers " they did not cause the restart, however they were the wrong drivers and no game could function with them. I really need to solve this issue guys, i have a large LAN party in a few days. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Specs :

Mobo : MSI 760GM-P21 (FX) AMD Series Motherboard
Memory: DDR 3 , 4GB.
OS : Windows 7 Enterprise 32Bit
Processor : AMD PHENOM II X6 1045T THUBAN 2.7GHZ AM3 CPU
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  1. Well what is your PSU ? Maybe a pic would work !

    And go in safe mode and install the lastest drivers (12.11 beta 8)
  2. It's a generic 600W power supply, came with a bare bones kit a while ago. I am also posting from safe mode, and will get the latest drivers from AMD's site. However when i first installed the drivers i did it online , not from the disk, and this problem still occurred.
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