GTX 560 fan noise its terrible

mine 1st post here so i hope you can help me.. There is i got new Palit GTX 560 OC, problem is that when fan is over 50 % load starting to be noisy and its annoying, im running Diablo 3 multiboxing with 3 games max temp i reach is between 60-70 C i think this is normal for 3 games running together but fan noise is terrible i never reach over 60 % fan speed. I watching every think with MSI afterburn and many other programs ... so mine question is. Is that normal or i need to go back to seller and give them back the card and get new one. Before that i was running with EVGA GTS 450 and even on 3-boxes i didnt even heard card fan.. Its realy annoying. I didnt pay to hear that fan noise when playing games :(

Thanks for the help
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  1. First make sure there isn't anything (eg: like wires) tangled with your 560.

    I think its better to take it to the seller, not much experience with 560's, experienced users will reply :)

    Good Luck!
  2. The heat-sink area on that think seems very lacking compared to my Galaxy 560.

    I wonder if the fan has to spin at higher RPM's to "keep up" with temps.

    You mentioned afterburner...If you have added voltage, that would add heat, and fan noise.
  3. you can:

    RMA the card and see if the next one is quieter.

    buy and install a third party heatsink/cooler.

    turn up you speakers.
  4. Fan noise has a lot to do with the Design of the graphics card and it's cooling system. I had a pair of Radeon HD 6870's for awhile and the fan noise from them was quite pronounced. Recently, I upgraded to an ASUS Matrix Radon HD 7970 Ghz card and it is much quieter at full fan speed than either of the Radeon HD 6870 (AMD reference design) was alone at half fan speed. I would suggest you take the card back to the seller and get a different card altogether. Make sure to research the cards and pick one that meets your needs that has better fan noise ratings.
  5. thanks, i did some more testing while played so all the result are same i think just the card is broken performence is very nice but noise is terrible i will return it to seller and ask him to change it or upgrade for better and quieter, btw i dont have airflow problems since mine case is Antec with 2 case fans, also i dont have any temp issues its stable at 70 C at heavy load of 3-multiboxing games, also i didnt change anything in msi afterburner just tracked temp and fan speed. so conclusion is that fan for me is broken its not normal. Thanks for replays
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