Extra 7850 or new 7970

Hi all, i need help to decide what to do.
my build is:
3770k @ 4.3
mobo: asus p8z77v pro 2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (x16, x8)
graphic card: hd 7850

in few months im buying a new monitor 24" 1920x1080 or more res, depending on the budget.
ok, then starting from that i would like to improve my graphic card to get the maximum benefit from my new monitor.
I have a friend who can buy my 7850 for 30% less than it cost to me. so.. should i sell the 7850 and buy a brand new 7970 or just get another 7850?
single 7970 with the Lucid Virtu MVP technology(that can give up to +60% as they say) could outperform dual 7850 but its +100€ more expensive than buying a new 7850 and i could use those 100€ to get a better monitor.

thanks for reading :)
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  1. Hi

    I haven't heard of the Lucid Tech giving you a boost with gaming, just media encoding. 2 HD7850 in Crossfire will annihilate a single 7970 BUT you could have driver issues with crossfire I gave up in the 6000 series so I couldn't tell ya how the new drivers are.

    Any people USING lucid with good results out there?

  2. hi, thanks for your advice. i found one review of the lucid tech on 7970 and 680 and i think im finally going for 2 7850s and cross my fingers to not to get those issues (money also count, those 100€ extra kill me). aslo lucid tech seems to have a negative effect on some circustances so its not like +60% all the time

    here's the review:
  3. I have been using virtu mvp and here's what I found. I have a 3570k/7870 by the way. In games where I need to use an fps limiter( skyrim, metro 2033, etc.) it will make the game smooth without the fps limiter. In most games though it either won't launch at all or will feel like I'm getting 25 fps when fraps counts 130. I have uninstalled it.
  4. hmmm thanks for the last post, i almost decided to go for crossfire hd 7850 but i have one more question:
    will they both run as PCIe 3.0 x16 or as 3.0 x8? im newb and i dont understand what "2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (x16, x8)" means
  5. Usually for z77 mobos it will be x8x8 for crossfire/sli and x16 for one card. There is a chart on this site somewhere that shows the difference between pcie 3.0x8 and pcie 3.0x16 and it is 2% max. You have nothing to worry about. Your mobo will work fine.
  6. A single card is always a better choice my friend.
  7. thanks a lot guys. going for dual 7850!
  8. hey u said that u will be buying a new monitor right??
    in a few months, hd 8000 series will also launch!!!
    i say wait for that.
  9. I say don't wait for better hardware if you aren't happy with what you currently have. If you wait for better hardware you will be waiting until the end of computers.
  10. i say wait for 8000 series, but dont wait for 9000!!
  11. well if i were you i will get the 7970! cause dual cards drivers are rlly a mess nowadays. get a single good card my friend!
  12. the main problem is that i already have one 7850 i bought 2 months ago and replacing it will be money lost. i think is more interesting to upgrade it with a new one, and also cheaper.
    maybe i wait till 8000 series come and 7850 costs less
  13. yeah that is a good option too!!
    but Crossfire is not that good. it dosent always work out which is why i advice people to not go with them.
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