PC Build for Graphic Design / Video Editing / After Effects CS4

Hello, Will this Build Suit for Me?

Processor : Intel Core i7-2600
Motherboard : ASROCK Z77 Pro4-M
Memory : Kingston 4GB DDR3-1333
Hard Drive : Western Digital 1TB SATA-7200RPM
Case : Gigabyte Sumo 4112 Black Chassis
Power Supply : Corsair TX-750

Speaker : Creative SBS-A120
Display : AOC E950SW 18.5” LED

Softwares to be Used :
Adobe After Effects CS4
Adobe Flash Professional CS4
Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Sony Vegas Pro 12
Flash Builder
Microsoft Office Word/Excel/Powerpoint 2007
Bluestacks App Player

need response until Next Week - Jan.17
Thanks ;)

PC to be built at A PC Store
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  1. lol 4 gb???
    for the adobe suite you listed you need 8, or even 16 if your video editing is heavy duty. and i advice 1600MHz ram
    As for cpum i'd recommend i7 3770, but 2600 is also a viable option.
    power supply is too powerful, get a quality PSU from Antec, Seasonic, XFX, Corsair or PC Power and Cooling, Silverstone. ~ 550w. At least 80+ bronze quality.
  2. This setup will provide poor performance for the applications you stated.

    - The Adobe apps are memory intensive; you want 12GB or more. CS4 and higher performs well with 2GB of ram or more per core; you'll have 8 cores to work with. I would take advantage of the faster speed ram - this mob takes DDR3 2800+.

    - Get a system hard drive for your apps and use the 1TB for your project files. I would recommend setting up a RAID 0 for HD editing (2x 500GB+ @ 7200RPM.) This mob offers it onboard.

    - AfterEffects wants GPU power. If you can afford to move up to a Quadro card, you'll see a huge performance boost with the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine (http://www.nvidia.com/object/adobe-cs6.html). Go dual monitors so you can spread out your workspace.

    Good luck! Let us know what you decide to do.
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