Need Help for Adobe CS4 / Video Editing / Document Processing PC

Hello, Will this Build Suit for Me?

Processor : Intel Core i7-2600
Motherboard : ASROCK Z77 Pro4-M
Memory : Kingston 4GB DDR3-1333
Hard Drive : Western Digital 1TB SATA-7200RPM
Case : Gigabyte Sumo 4112 Black Chassis
Power Supply : Corsair TX-750

Speaker : Creative SBS-A120
Display : AOC E950SW 18.5” LED

Softwares to be Used :
Adobe After Effects CS4
Adobe Flash Professional CS4
Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Sony Vegas Pro 12
Flash Builder
Microsoft Office Word/Excel/Powerpoint 2007
Bluestacks App Player

need response until Next Week - Jan.17

PC to be built at A PC Store
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  1. the psu is over necessary unless you plan on sliing the gpu.(which you shouldnt need to with a 18.5" screen)
  2. So , Should I Change my PSU or GPU?
    The Monitor can be changed too . It Depends on the Availability
  3. it really depends on what you are aiming for. a 560 is entry level 1920x1080 gaming in general, which requires a 21.5" or greater monitor generally. the power supply has the ability to power 2 gpus, which probably isnt necessary forthe current build as is. so what really happens depends on if you want to cut down the power supply and leave the rest of the build, or upgrade everything and leave the extra room for possibly upgrades
  4. I prefer to cut down the power supply to (How Many?) Watts?
  5. it only takes around 500-550w for comfortable overclock levels or adding in alot of extra peripherals onto the mobo for a single card build. Just make sure the psu is of good quality though.
  6. Thanks for Helping me Out ,
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