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Allright, im haveing a problem getting my new Maxtor 7200 RPM Hard drive to work with my machine, Im running Windows 98 first edition (i updated it a lot) I have a CD burner and a old CD-rom drive in and the floppy drive. I have a old hard drive a 13 gig that was my origonal hard drive, and im trying to get my new 60 gig as a primarry slave drive and keep my old 13 gig as C: and have my 60 gig as a slave as D: Ive had a few problems trying to get it to reconize the drive and we messed with bios and input the settngs manually where it would detect a Primary slave. ( i have allready partisioned it to 1 big 60 gig drive and formatted it) well when I go to boot up after installing the drive step by step it gets to the windows loading screen in dos and stops loading and sits there, and i have to reboot. and it will keep doing this and will not let me into windows. But if i hit like the delte key in dos and i click on SAFE MODE itll boot up just fine, and will go into windows in safe mode and the D: drive is there and working, but it wont let me into windows normal mode. if i unplug the maxtor drive and just have my old C: drive in itll go into windows like it should and allways has, but if the maxtor is in it just sits at the windows loading screen. Ive tryed a lot of things and soneone told me it might be jumper settings, but i have set it for primary slave withs shows a pic as both jumpers at the top right corner horasontally someone said one is vertical, could this be the problem? someone also said it might be bios settings but i donno if it is because i have been working on his for 4 days and have tryed everything. someone told me that my hard drive might be to new and my motherboard to old and the bios cannot reconize it and to get a bios update, but he also told me this is a dangerious procedure and i could ruin my entire computer which i cannot afford to do!!!! my mother board is a (Soyo SY6BA+) also someone said that the difference from safe mode and normal mode is driver conflictions..... im going to try to call maxtor and see what info i can get. other than that, i have no idea what to do. im down to 60 meg and the clock is ticking and i need more space.. if anyone has any ideas please help me out here i really need to get this drive working asap.....
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  1. did you use maxblast to see if there is anything wrong with the drive??
    also, did you jumper it to cable select?


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  2. Try setting the Maxtor 60GB as the only drive on your secondary controller as a Master. See if that resolves the Windows issue ...

    Make sure you use the cable that the Maxtor drive usually comes with to!
  3. Yes, I used the ribbon that the Maxtor Drive came with, simply, because i had to to fit both drives. I think we tryed to just have the maxtor as primary drive and see if it worked but it wont because windows is not on D: so it wouldent boot up simply because windows is not their. The thing is, the hard drive works, Its beeing detected, and when i go into windows [Safe Mode] The drive works fine, its there and detected, partisioned and formatted, and i can acess it and works. But windows wont let me go into normal mode. If i try it goes to the windoes loading screen in dos and quits working resulting in a reset, and i have to unplug the maxtor drive for it to let me in windows.
  4. Ok, so what you said there is that you didn't try what I suggested. From what you stated you made it a Primary Master. I suggested a SECONDARY master.

    Don't slave hard drives if you can help it! You will get better performance out of a hard drive that way.
  5. Umm, put it on primary ribbon? but my CD Rom drives take both the slots up ......
  6. Have you updated the motherboard chipset drivers? If the MoBo has a VIA chipset, then you should install a current version of the VIA 4n1 chipset drivers. I had a Soyo SY6VBA and tried installing a Maxtor DiamondMax 7200. Had to update the MoBo chipset drivers in order for the HDD to function properly.
  7. Ok, My friend that lives next to me has almost the exact same motherboard as I do. I have a Soyo SY6BA+ and my friend has a Soyo SY6BA+100. He recantly bought a new ATI Radion 7200 and he has to update his bios for him to be able to use it. So im guessing, that it would be a good idea to update my motherboard so it will reconize my Hard Drive?? I donno, because if i get the wrong one or dont install it properly, I ruin my entire motherboard... which is kinda scary in my position.

    Anyways, like i sad before, The hard drive works, and runs properly if i go into Windows Safe Mode. I recantly installed it and went in Safe Mode and it shows it formated and partisioned It even lets me put files on it, so the drive works, but will not let me boot up in Normal Mode. My friend who has the motherboard simmular to mine came down and we switche the pin settings to Style B because i have allready tryed Style A and it dident work. Still even though we switched the Pins it dident want work on Style B either. I donno, I use this computer for major hard online gameing all the time, but the down side is, My dad has buisness files on it i cannot afford to loose. And im also running Windows 98 First Eddition, I know I know, people tell me to update it all the time but i have done 1000 critical updates and i have configured all of this stuff and installed all of these drives or everything so this is why i do not want to format/re-install windows or whatever. I donno i have like 20 new games I got for X-mas and i been anxious to play them but i dont have the room to put them on. So i need to get my drive working, and im also getting the treatment where my parents are like "We spend all this mony on that 60 gig hard drive for you and i dont want it to just sit around on your computer stand when we payed all of this money for it!" I donno, I tryed a lot with Bios and different pin settings and all this Fdisk stuff and they keep nagging me. What they dont know is i have tryed everything and i dont wanna bother wasteing my time trying to explane to them something that they wont even know what im talking about.
    Please, for my sake help me out plz plz plz

    So you think i sould update bios? ::EEK:: well i think we tryed it before and my A: drive wouldent work which is funny because i broke it when installing my new hard drive and just got a bran new one and tested it and it works, but im still gettign this "Cannot read A:/ A Abort R Retry F Fail... bah!

    Post any ideas / comments up. heh I need it.

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