Can my GPu run all the latest games at high settings

I am Going to buy a new PC, yea its budget type ! And I am curious to know that am I able to run all the latest games at 1600*900 res(high settings,mine is a 20 " monitor)!
CPU :Intel core i5 3550
Motherboard: Asus p8H77-m pro
GPU: AMD HD 7770/GTX650ti.
RAM:4*2GB 1600Mhz corsair vengence
PSU:600W corsair gs600
I am going to play games at the given res. as I am only upgrading my CPU. SO can I play games for next 3-4 years with high settings?This system is mainly used for gaming.
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  1. For the next 3-4yrs I cannot say, because I cant read the future. But suffice to say premium hardware like a GTX690 doesnt last that long, your low end card I suspect will be obsolete within a year or two.

    But for now, I suspect it will do very well in modern games at 1600x900.
    If your looking at the 650Ti, for a bit more you can afford a 7850 1GB, which has much better performance.
  2. when you're building specifically for gaming, better not skimp on the graphic card.
    Why not lower the cpu and motherboard (get a sandy instead of ivy, and get lower chipset motherboard). Cut enough cost so you can use the spare cash for a better graphic card. You gpu of choice is ok for gaming, but as manofchalk said, get at least a 7850.
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