Nvidia drivers fail to install

For some reason, not sure when it started, I can no longer install Nvidia drivers on my computer, they always fail.
Currently I am using 306.97 drivers from October tenth. I have been trying to install the beta drivers to see if I get any boost in performance in games. When I run the installer, it runs for about 10 seconds, screen turns black and the resolution is 800x600, or something, and comes back up telling me it failed, and nothing was installed. Then my computer detects the cards again and reinstall them with my old drivers. I have also ran CCleaner, removed all the old drivers that way, restarted, ran the beta driver, 310.64 by the way, and it fails same way as before.
I have Windows 7
8 gigs of ram
2 560 TI's
i5 2500k
MSI p67a-gd65 mobo
It might be that I just cant install beta drivers, I dont know. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. I ran into this, I had go into the dev manager and click show all devices then delete all the nvidia that shows there.

    restart. then go back in there and load the driver manually with the inf file. (load the oldest version if it finds 2 options)

    then restart..

    Then download the original one that came with your card, or if you have the (evga, msi, etc.) disk use that. do a custom install so you can select fresh install.

    It should finish with out error.

    I had the issue where it failed.. then it didnt recognize my card as an nvidia.. then it kept saying i need to restart before i continue, then it kept failing.. it was miserable.. this was the only thing that worked..
  2. Where is this inf file? I have never used one before, so I don't know where to find it, let alone use it.
  3. The inf is the actual driver itself. you can find one in your driver CD that came with your computer/videocard. under driver.
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    I have heard though of people having the issue and it actually being a problem with windows / antivirus with the install proccess itself. In some of these cases, just installling windows again fixed the whol thing.
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  6. Removing it through the dev manager didn't work, so I just reinstalled windows and that worked right away. Oh well, I only use my SSD for my OS any ways, so not that much to set back up any ways.
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