Power Pins suddenly don't work

Hello, I recently built a new system during this week for the first time. I built it outside my house with some help but had to leave it there with that person until today. I had it fully able to boot and had windows installed. I get back today to manage the cables a bit more and get the drivers installed but the case power switch does not work and neither does shorting the pins. The Motherboard has a power LED which still flashes green so I think the board still has power. I have a ASUS P8Z77-V motherboard and a Corsair HX750 power supply. Really don't want to have to deal with ASUS RMA so I figured I would try here first to see if there could be anything I could try out before hand.
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  1. asus RMA is pretty fast just saying. they will handle it

    are you sure that you shorted the + and - power pins properly? i really doubt the pins dont work but if they dont, just asus tech support and get them to issue a RMA
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