Dvi to HDMI Cable issues HELP ME :'(

I am having an issue with my monitor.

I use a dvi to hdmi cable from my radeon 7770 to my 19 inch monitor. (monitor has component, vga, and hdmi inputs)

At the top of my monitor i get a line of messed up pixels (about 1mm wide) all the way across the top of the screen. The odd part is this...
If i unplug and and reconnect my hdmi, it goes away.
And if my computer goes to sleep (and sometimes when i reboot) this line of messed up pixels shows up again.

This is most likely not my graphics card. Its brand new and runs my games at a nice frame rate.

Can anyone help me out? Has anyone had this problem at all?

(i joined toms hardware just to ask. lol it really bothers me)
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  1. Bump...
  2. Hrm ... have you tried it on a different screen? A tv or something?
    Have you tried a different cable?
    Do you have the latest drivers from AMD?
    How ventilated is your case? What are your temps?
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