Muilding my 1st computer what components should I get?

Well, this is going to be my first time building a computer, and I was wondering what components I should get. I have decided on some of the components, but I am really looking for the Case and the motherboard.

For the case I have looked at the Coolermaster HAF X, the Corsair 800D, the Thermaltake Level 10 GT and the Antec 1200. I was wondering which of these is the best and are there any better for about this range. (It has to be a full size case though)

For the Motherboard... well I have no idea where to start, i have decided on a 1155 socket I think though, for an Intel I5 3570k. I would like enough space for 2 Hard Drives and an optical drive, and at least 2 graphics cards (PCI-e 3.0 slots I think) and 32GB RAM support hopefully!

If you think there are any builds or specific components you think I should get, can you leave a comment as well please.

Any suggestions on PSU size would also be appreciated! Thank you!
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  1. literally no point of a full tower unless you are watercooling, which i doubt you will be given its your first crack at this

    id get this

    CPU cooler is incompatable but that can be fixed by emailing noctua and getting a set of 1155 mounting brackets. the reason i chose this over the regular D14 is that this has pwm fans
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