GTX 550 TI SuperClocked or XFX HD 6870?

Planning on upgrading my brother' PC which has a HD 6570.

So far I am looking at these two for upgrades.

XFX 6870


EVGA GTX 550 Ti SuperClocked

Just out of these two only, which one is the better and stronger one? XFX 6870 or EVGA GTX 550 Ti SuperClocked?
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  1. 6870 as shown below:,3107-7.html

    Even though the 550 ti is overclocked it will be no where near the performance of the 6870
  2. yup its a no brainer. The 6870 will be loads better
  3. The 6870 is like a GTX560. The 550TI even if OC'd isn't as fast. 6870 is the faster card.

    Scott, whats the point of linking that site? What does any of that have to do with anything? How much faster is a card over another if it has an extra ~48MBps in memory bandwidth. Having raw stats like that is usually next to useless. For example, you might think from this that the GTX550TI is much better then the 5770/6770.

    When in reality they are nearly identical. I don't mean to pick on you, but I hate that site and wish it was took down.
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