HD 7950, HD 7970 or GTX 670

Hey guys, I'm sure there is others who have asked this question before, but, right now I can get any of the three for right around $330 bucks. I'd like to know which would be the best for gaming on a 1080p monitor. Also if you choose a card, what manufacturer has the best cooling solution? Best overlock ability? All these things should be factors.

System specs:
i5-3570k @ stock clock speeds (for now)
Gigabyte z77-ud3h.
Corsair vengeance 8gb @ 1600 MHz
Seagate barracuda 1tb 7200rpm
Silver stone strider+ 750w 80+ silver

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    Get a 7970 which is overall the fastest card of 3. As for brand, i heard good stuff about Asus, MSI and Gigabyte, they have nice custom cooling solutions.
  2. +1 7970 would be the best pick ! Asus or Gigabyte . Nothing else.

    Your PSU is good and CPU too.

    Actually with the new AMD drivers 7970 improved way to much and beats the 670 !

    Good luck !
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