HP Pavilion dv2700 wont boot after reflow though with display

Hi Pls answer my questions below:

Do you know what is the problem and how to fix my
HP Pavilion dv2700 wont boot after reflow though with display?

pls email me at game6master6@yahoo.com

send twits to my twitter account: game6master6

Thank you and i hope you can answer this, thanks
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  1. pls answer or directly contact me using the above info

    just to add details, the darn HP Pavilion was declined to be fix by HP because they do not SUPPORT anymore, I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HP and to those who experienced the same problem like me I am sure we all feel the same hatred for HP Lack of Aftersales and Customer Support! I read some HP pavilion were recalled but unfortunately mine was not included!

    Additional info: I tried to boot the computer after I followed the re-flow instruction using Hair Blower I was first so happy when the display turned on but after just 1 run of the OS only worked with Win7 but the other partition with Windows Vista never continue then after a shutdown when I tried to boot it again even with Win7 the problem persists even ChkDisk failed to finish, i even tried Ubuntu Live CD but none seems to work in booting the HP Garbage.

    Any ideas, tips, or solutions? I am willing to test anything rather than just make the HP Garbage be a literal garbage :-(

    Pls answer anyone. Thanks
  2. First off you should never post contact info on a public forum unless of course you like spam. Next reflowing doesn't always work and even when it does its normally only a short term fix. You could replace the motherboard but its likely the problem will develop on the replacement, If it were mine id pull the hdd(and keep it) and scrap the rest(sell the good parts like the lcd and plastics, and ram) and use the money to help pay for a new system. This $550 Lenovo will smoke that old dv2700.
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